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at Manbu village, Arughat Rural Municipality, Gorkha District, Gandaki Province.

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2023 began with a free medical camp in Manbu, Arughat Rural Municipality of Northern Gorkha from January 8 to january 12. The free medical camp was organized in collaboration with Karuna Medical International; a privately organized group from Singapore which runs several missions, primarily focused in providing free general health care services to the less fortunate.


Doctors, Nurses and medical students arrived in the mid night at Tribhuwan International Airpot and next day we started our journey in the morning.  Our team from Singapore, Sikkim and Nepal arrived at Soti Khola, after an 8 hours of bumpy bus ride from Kathmandu. Soti Khola is the nearest  stop point where we resided for 5 nights. 


Our team had to take an hour bus ride to get to the camp location each day. We set up our camp at Shree Bhawani secondary school along with all medicals needs. we had 10 different wards for the services and they include general check up, dental, eye issues, mini surgery, acupunture and pharmacy. 


From the very first day teachers, students and local nurses turned up to the camp as volunteers to assist forinterpretation which was a big help. Majority of the health related issues of the locals were joint & muscles pain. The most challenging part for our patient was transporation as the locals had to walk trough trials for more than 3 hours and some were able brought by a stretcher. 


On the last day, the school organised a farewell ceremony and gave us certificates to honor & appreciate our philanthropic work and particularly for the free medical camp organized.

A total 900 patients were attended, including 100 mini surgeries. 


Peixin Chong, a nurse remarks, “It's very meaningful to be able to volunteer and serve the developing countries. I enjoyed the hands on experience with the local and staying my brief time together with them.”


Ashlea Chin exaplains, this trip with a mission was definitely a meaningful one! Being able to help hundreds of patients in just three and a half days is mind blowing and to be able to be part of this help was rewarding enough. Language barrier was a tough one but with the help of local volunteers, we got most of the job done. Aside from the many patients we helped, the friendships formed with the locals was amazing. This entire experience was not only an opportunity to help the underprivileged but made me humble and aspire to thrive to be a better physician so that I can contribute more to the needy communities in the future. Thanks to the entire team for this unforgettable experience, I’ll definitely be back again!


Medical student, Jerad mentioned that as a medical student, it was humbling and inspiring to be a part of the brilliant work Wangchuk Rapten Lama and his team at Kyimolung Foundation are doing for the people of rural and remote Nepal. Wangchuk is a driven, modern man, who is a true example of altruism, ambition, and the hard work required to follow through. I am blessed to know him now as a friend, and I hope he gets all the support and funding to achieve his dream for the communities.

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