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On 21st October 2022, a group of healthcare professionals and volunteers embarked on a 14-day trek with a dual purpose of providing healthcare services to communities in need while also distributing educational materials to school students & women's group.  The trek took place in Tsum valley, Manaslu Conservation Area, a very remote region of Northern Gorkha with limited access to healthcare services and educational resources. The team comprised of Doctors, students and few representatives from Kyimolung Foundation.

Planning and Preparation:

The key person behind this program is Mr & Mrs Hoffmann, who is and has been one of our supporters since our inception in 2020. The Hoffmann family is also the key donor for the reconstruction of Chhekampar Health Post in Chokhang, in upper Tsum. Mr & Mrs Hoffmann, healthcare professionals and we had several meetings to plan and prepare for the trek. They contacted us as the local organizations to identify the areas with the greatest need for healthcare services and educational resources. The team also arranged for necessary medical supplies, including medicines and equipment, and educational materials such as notebook, stationaries and posters.


Trekking and Healthcare Services:

The group set out on the 14-day trek, carrying & transporting all necessary supplies. We hiked through challenging terrain, often beyond 6 hours each day. The healthcare professionals provided a range of services, including basic checkups, wound care, dental screening and fluoride treatment. They also educated the community members (specially school children) on basic health practices, such as hand washing, brushing instruction and proper nutrition.

Distribution of Educational Hygiene Materials:

In addition to healthcare services, the group distributed educational & hygiene materials to local schools and women group at Chhekampar, Tsum to encourage them. They provided note-books, stationaries, posters, tooth brush, paste and other resources to help students learn about basic health practices and disease prevention. The healthcare professionals also conducted interactive sessions with the students to promote healthy habits and answer their questions about health and wellness.



The 14-day trek was a successful initiative that combined the love for outdoors and healthcare services for the communities in need. The healthcare professionals were able to provide much-needed healthcare services and educational resources to remote areas that otherwise would not have access to such resources. The initiative not only helped the communities in need but also strengthened the healthcare professionals' commitment to serving people and making a difference in their lives.

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